© 1995 Bill Gallaher, SOCAN

Gordon – vocal, 12-string guitar & viol da gamba


Bill Gallaher says, “The NFB docu-drama For Angela, told the story of a young First Nation Cree girl in Winnipeg who was on her way to school one day on a city bus, with her mom, when they were harassed by three white teenage boys. This was done with such utter cruelty that it put thoughts in the little girl’s mind no child should have to bear. That night, feeling profoundly ashamed of her heritage, she slipped quietly into the bathroom where the scissors were kept, and cut off her beautiful braids. The scene was so moving it stirred my soul.”


A cold wind's blowing, Angela

Do up your coat against the chill

And pay no mind to things you hear    

They're mindless calls of whippoorwills


I know some hurtful words were said

And that they made you feel ashamed

They've got you tangled in their web

Don't let them cause you so much pain


            But believe that time can heal the hurting

            The shadows disappear, and so will the scars

            One day you'll look inside and know just who you are

            Thought sometimes the seeing isn't easy, Angela


Angela, those pretty braids you wore

As shiny black as ravens' wings

Lay cut and scattered on the floor

One day you'll grow them back again


One day your pride will rise and soar

And you will let them grow again




A Song for Angela is recorded on the album Because You Asked.