Wrinkle in Time

©1979 Bob Zentz, BMI

        They say it's a bad thing to dwell on the past, but there's so much more of it now than there ever was before...(BZ)

I wish I had a wrinkle in time, a place where I could go
An autumn mountain I could climb, leave the rest of the world below
I wish I had a place to sing these secret songs of mine
Where all the joys that singing brings could be with me all the time

    Well, I’d close my eyes one instant, and be gone
    Open ‘em wide and I’d be back again
    Rested and strong from my world inside
    And I’d never tell a soul where I had been

I wish I had a laughing place when this old world gets me down
Where sorrow never knew my face and my dreams were all around
I wish I had a place to lose this everyday routine
I’d hide my sorrows and the blues from the good times I have seen

I wish had a wrinkle in time and a friend to take me home
The loneliness I never mind, I’ve learned to love alone

    So when I close my eyes forever, and I’m gone
    Where time’s a place, and places never end
    I’ll know my wrinkle in time is just a state of mind
    But it’s heaven for the few that understand
    It’s heaven for the few that understand

Wrinkle in Time is recorded the CD Gordon Bok and Bob Zentz - Together Again for the First Time and on the Bob Zentz CD Beaucatcher Farewell
Chords for this song can be found in the Bob Zentz Songbook.