Blue Mountain

© 1920 Fred W Keller


Learned about 30 years ago from Steve White, who found it on a record of Frank Hamilton.  Written around 1920 by Fred. W. Keller, a lawyer, who lived near Monticello, Utah, where, it is told, during winter snows, the figure of a horse's head can be discerned on the side of nearby mountain.  It was written for an old timers banquet celebrating local history, and it contains many local references to people and places of the time.  (ET)


My home it was in Texas, my past you must not know

For I seek a refuge from the law where the sage and pinion grow.



Blue Mountain you're azure deep. Blue Mountain your sides are steep.

Blue Mountain with a horsehead on your side you've won my heart to keep.


On the brand LC I ride.  There's sleeper calves by the side.

I'll own the "hip, side and shoulder" before I get older.

Zapatero don't you tan my hide.


I chum with Latigo Gordon, I drink at the Blue Goose saloon.

I dance all night with the Mormon gals, ride home 'neath

the light of the moon.


I trade at Bunse's store, there's bullet holes in his door

His calico treasure my pony can measure

when I'm drunk and I'm feeling sore.


In the summer they say it's fine, and the winter winds I don't mind.

But say there, dear brother, if you want a mother, there's Ev on the old chuck line.



Blue Mountain is recorded on the album Language of the Heart