Connemara Cradle Song

Traditional – Irish from Sister Richard, Boyle County Roscommon 1993


When my wife Carol crossed the Atlantic in a small sailing yacht, she stayed at a B & B in Boyle, County Roscommon.  When she brought Tom Judge, Susan Groce and me back there, Bridie Gallagher (the proprietor) remembered her.  Bridie called her friend Sister Richard (a music teacher across the street), in hopes to borrow a harp.


Alas, the harp was on loan, but Sister Richard came over to join us.  We made some music anyway, and Sister gave us this lovely song.


I have arranged the verses to sing it myself, but we print it here the way she wrote it out for me.


Gordon – vocal & laud;

Cindy, Carol & Anne - vocals


On wings of the wind, o'er the deep rolling sea

Angels are coming to watch over thee

Angels are coming to watch over thee

So list' to the winds coming over the sea


            Hear the wind blow, love, hear the wind blow

            Lean your head over, hear the wind blow


Oh, winds of the night, may your fury be crossed

May no one that's dear to our island be lost

Blow the wind gently, calm be the foam

Shine the light brightly to guide us back home


The currachs are sailing way out on the blue

Laden with herring of silvery hue

Silver the herring and silver the seas

And soon they'll be silver for my love and me



Connemara Cradle Song is recorded on the album Dear To Our Island