Daddy Don't You Tell No Lies

1989 Si Kahn, Joe Hill Music (administered by Conexion Media Group, Inc) Copyright renewed. International Copyright secured. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

        You probably can't see this on your CD, but the audience is laughing because Brother Bok attempted to play his cellamba like Hendrix. A great end to a great time, and what a fabulous audience! These truly were the "good ol' days" -- and for my part, I'd love to dedicate this album to these good ol' folk of Chicago. (BZ)

    Daddy don’t you tell no lies
    Talkin’ bout the old times ways
    Daddy don’t you tell no lies
    Talkin’ bout the good old days, oh yeah
    Talkin’ bout the good old days

There were strawberries big as baseballs and raspberries ‘round as your arm
There were peaches big as watermelons just a-growing on that Georgia farm
And there were rows of yellow sweet corn growing in the morning light
We’d plant ‘em on a Monday morning and then eat ‘em on a Friday night

Back then nobody got in trouble and nobody got in fights
Weren’t no drinking moonshine whiskey and there were no staying out all night
Everybody worked like horses and they never stopped to take a rest
Everybody had religion and everybody done their best

Everybody was a neighbor and every neighbor was a friend
Children listened to their parents and women listened to their men
You didn’t have no trouble-makers just a-stirrin’ up the countryside
Everyone knew their places and everyone was satisfied

Daddy Don't You Tell No Lies is recorded the CD Gordon Bok and Bob Zentz - Together Again for the First Time.