Djiril's Hymn

© Gordon Bok, BMI


from the cantefable Seal Djiril's Hymn, recorded on the album Seal Djiril's Hymn, (p) © 1972 Folk-Legacy Records, Inc


Long are the days gone, andiranda,

Long down the sad and windy years;

Long from the land of our desire


Rain comes and wind and snow, andiranda,

Stormcloud and squall do shroud the sea

And peace shall follow us no more.


Now through the hollowing green wave we wander,

Long down the stormy seas, and sad,

Long from the land of our desire.


Years when the sun was our provider,

Milk of the meadows gathering.

Winds brought the riches to our door.


Now are the days come, andiranda,

When to the seas again we go:

Now do we cry for those green years.


Why, when the winnowing sun was keeping

All of our harvest and our toil,

Made we no peace among our kind?


Why, when the summering wave was swinging,

And all our hills and trees were green,

Did we not sow our fields with love?