Farewell to Nova Scotia



I learned this from Kendall Morse.  I used to sing it when I worked in "the cities to the westward," homesick for my own coast; hence, the pensive mood.  Dick Swain tells us that Helen Creighton, in Traditional Songs from Nova Scotia, describes a similar version as a combination of contributions from various people.  G.B.


C: steel 6-string                GB: 12-string             


The sun was sinking in the West

The birds were singing on every tree

All nature seemed to be at rest

But alas, there was no rest for me


            Farewell to Nova Scotia. your seabound coast

            Let your mountains dark and dreary be

            When I am far away on the bring ocean tossed

            Will you ever heave a sigh or wish for me


I grieve to leave my native home

I grieve to leave my comrades all

My parents whom I love so dear

And the bonny bonny lass I do adore


I have three brothers and they are dressed

Their arms are folded on their breast

But a poor simple sailor just like me

Must be tossed and driven on the deep dark sea


The drums are beating, the wars do alarm

My captain calls, I must obey

Farewell, farewell to Nova Scotia's charms

It's early in the morning, I am bound far away



Farewell to Nova Scotia is recorded on the album Neighborss