Fiddler Dance the Light Strathspey/Kirsteen



Carol learned this strathspey from Celtic harper Sue Richard's lovely CD Morning Aire.  I can't remember where I learned Kirsteen, but I believe it is a 19th century 'parlor version' of a Gaelic song.


Carol – harp               Gordon – 12-string guitar


Who will walk with thee, Kirsteen

By the shining sea, Kirsteen

O'er the fragrant lea?


Who will be by thy side, Kirsteen

By the high spring-tide, Kirsteen

Walking with his bride?


And when though grown frail, Kirsteen

Wing to Beinneadh Vale, Kirsteen

Who longs with thee to sail?




Fiddler Dance the Light Strathspey/Kirsteen is recorded on the album Gatherings