Harbors of Home

Words and Music:  Joan Sprung


Our old friend Joan Sprung sent this to me many years ago and it has told its truth in some odd places where English is spoken.  To me it felt like Nova Scotia, but Joan told me she made it in my own waters.  I think it has found a fine voice with Ann,  (GB)  You can hear Joan's singing of it on her Folk Legacy recording.  (ET)



The sun in the morning used to call me to the day

And the wind from the sea would blow my cares away

But I'll nevermore go down to watch the boats come in the bay

Watch the boats from the harbors of home


Just like it was yesterday I hear the church bells toll

And the time it takes forever and the hours slowly roll

Though they tell me passing days will surely heal a wounded soul

My tears would fill the harbors of home




Good sailors on the Mary Anne the finest pledged to me

He went under with the others when the boat went down at sea

And gone with him are all our dreams of happiness to be

Waiting for us in the harbors of home




The ocean gives us fish and the fish it buys our bread

Strike a bargain with the devil so that all of us are fed

But nothing's given free and now our bonny boys are dead

All our young men from the harbors of home




Harbors of Home is recorded on the album Harbors of Home and is in the songbook One to Sing, One to Haul