Los Tres Panuelitos   

Traditional Chile


When I was working winters in Philadelphia in my twenties, friends there would bring me back music from South America and help me figure it out.  The one came from the group "Los de Ramon de Chile," and I onlu sing the first three verses: Whoever named you, Consuelo, was not aware of your destiny.  He should have just made a cross, an don it, the word "pain."  I am going to have a fiery handkerchief embroidered, that says on one corner: "Leave me!" And on the other: "Why are you going?"


I sang the song alone for years, and then with Carol on the harp, until it finally occurred to me that I wanted to hear my old friend Elmer Beal sing the lead vocal; his voice is much more suited for it, and his Spanish is much better than mine.



Gordon – 12-string guitar

Carol- harp

Elmer – lead vocal

Gordon – Second Elmer                                                 



Los Tres Panuelitos is recorded on the album Apples in the Basket