Merlin's Waltz

© 1983 Kathy deFrancis


For some time Kathy deFrancis of Denver played piano as accompaniment for a magic show.  One of her compositions from this was a multi-piece medley called "The Magic Suite."   "Merlin's Waltz" is one of the songs from the suite.  (ET)



Fair, fair, golden fair, sunlight gently warms your hair.

Encircle me, enchant me now, dancing Merlin take me now.


Bend, bend, bending low, daisy chain and mistletoe.

Encircle me, adorn me now, I curtsy to thy courtly bow.


And if the wind should blow the sun away the dance goes on.

Everything that happens in this day becomes our song.


Sing, sing into the night.  Lute strings quiver with touch so light.

Encircle me with silver sound, a gentle tune to lay me down.



Merlin's Waltz is recorded on the album Language of the Heart