Mourning Dove

        © 1997 Steven Sellors, Grand Bay, NB, Canada


        What do we call this magical man?  The Bard of Grand Bay? Poet of the unenfranchised, speaker for the furry few?  The man that won the heart of Cathryn Ward, eh? And ours, so many times over, with each song he makes.   Our humanity grows a little with every song of his we love.  Steve says it's a song from the adoptee to the birth mother.


Gordon- 12-string guitar


            I have a house  - I have a home

            I have a place where wildflowers grow

            I have some trees, where squirrels can nest

            And mourning doves can take their rest –


            I have a dog – I have a song

            I have to let the mystery roll on

            I am alive – I am in love

            I want to tell the mourning dove –


            But when she flew she did not sing

            The cold wind whistled on her wing


            O do not grieve, sweet mourning dove

            Your sad old song is a song of love


            On the day when I was new

            You held me once – no one held you

            I think of you as a mourning Dove

            That only flew on wings of love




Mourning Dove is recorded on the album In the Kind Land