The Parting Glass

© J.B. Goodenough


Judy would send her "extra" songs to various singers; sometimes because the songs needed a tune, sometimes because they might fit the singer.  This one came round through Anne Dodson and Matt Szostak, via Archie Fisher.


Carol: harp                 Gordon: 'cellamba


The fire is out, the moon is down

The parting glass is dry and done

And I must go and leave this town

Before the rising of the sun.


Long's the road and many's the mile

Before I rest my soul again

With the girls that weep and girls that smile

At all the words and ways of men.


And some there are who may not hide

But wander 'til their journey's end

Or take a girl to be a bride

Or keep a man to be a friend.


When I'm done with wandering

I will sit beside the road and weep

For all the songs I did not sing

And promises I did not keep.



The Parting Glass is recorded on the album Gatherings