A Phiuthrag's a Phiuthar-

Sister O Sister

Traditional – Scots (Hebrides)


I heard this song perhaps thirty years ago.  The closest test to my version seems to be in Peter Kennedy's Folksongs of Britain and Ireland.


Despite kind efforts by Margaret Bennett of Edinburgh and Holly Torsey of Whitefield, Maine, I haven't located my original source, so I rely on my memory and may the Gods of Gaelic be kind on me.


I was told it was sung by one who had been stolen by the fairies.  "Little sister, my love, my sister, can't you pity my grief tonight?  My bothy now is low and narrow, without thatch nor rope holding the thatch, and the rain of the hills down through it like a running stream."


If you've ever had a loved one in the grip of depression or addiction or grief, you've heard this song.


Gordon - viol



A Phiuthrag's A Phiuthar is recorded on the album Dear To Our Island