Pigs Can See The Wind

Words and Music: Dave Goulder


From our friend Dave Goulder comes this impish elaboration of an old expression.  (ET)



Well be the summer may (can) come

and the summer may (can) go

And the pigs can see the wind

The autumn goose brings down the snow

And the pigs can see the wind


Me father used to say to me

as he locked 'em in the sty

They say that pigs can see the wind

and I'm going to tell you why




There's some will chase the crafty fox

o'er valley, hill and dale

There are 30 hounds and 30 clowns

for one old fox's tail




There's some will sit and fish the stream

in the howling wind and rain

They sling 'em back to come next day

and catch 'em all again




There's some will fight in foreign wars

and meet a bloody end

And if you can see the sense in that

then pigs can see the wind




Pigs Can See the Wind is recorded on the album Harbors of Home