Queer Bungo Rye



A song I've known forever.  I can't remember where I learned it, but I associate this version with Newfoundland.  I've heard it sung "Bung-yer-eye," too.


Gordon – 12 string


Now Jack was a sailor and he walked up to town

And she was a damsel, she skipped up and down

And she says to Jack as she passed him by

"Would you care for to purchase some Old Bungo Rye?"

(Ruddy rye, fol de diddle dye, ruddy rye, ruddy rye)


Says Jack to himself, "Now what can this be

But the finest of whiskies from far Germany

Snuggled up in a basket and sold on the sly

And the name that it goes by is "Old Bungo Rye"


Jack gave her a pound, for he thought nothing strange

"Hold the basket, young man, while I run for your change"

Jack peeked in the basket and a child he did spy

"I'll be damned, (he did cry) this is Queer Bungo Rye"


Well, to get the child christened was Jack's next intent

And to get the child christened, to the parson he went

Says the parson to Jack, "What will he go by?"

"I'll be damned, (did he cry) call him Queer Bungo Rye!"


Says the parson to Jack, "That's a very queer name"

"I'll be damned (did he cry) and it's a queer way he came

Snuggled up in a basket and sold on the sly

And the name that he'll go by is Queer Bungo Rye!"


So come all you young sailors who walk up to town

Beware of those damsels who skip up and down

Take a peek in their baskets as ye pass them by

Or else they may pawn on you Queer Bungo Rye!



Queer Bungo Rye is recorded on the albums Bay of Fundy, Clear Away in the Morning, and In Concert