Sail, O Believer



Years back someone gave this to me written out by hand.  Recently I heard it was from the Quimby family of the Georgia Sea Islands.  Dick Swain found a lovely looking version in an Applewood Books 1995 reprint of Slave Songs of the United States (originally published in 1867), so it has been around for a good while.  I've never heard it sung.


Gordon – 12 string guitar;

Will, Cindy, Carol & Anne - vocals


            Sail, o believer, sail over yonder

            Sail, o brother sail, sail over yonder


Oh brother bear a hand

Come brother bear a hand


Come view the promised land

Come view the promised land


Oh Mary, Mary weep

Bow low Martha


Oh, my Lord's coming now

And my Lord locks the door


Now my Lord's locked the door

Carries the keys away




Sail, O Believer is recorded on the album Dear To Our Island