Sandwood Down to Kyle

© 1970 David Goulder, Robbins Music


Sandwood is in the far Northwest of Scotland.  Kyle is the Kyle of Lochalsh.  Dave has walked, climbed, scrambled, built and repaired dry stone walls over most of it and has certainly earned the right to his opinion.


Gordon – viol


On Monday morn as I went out, the wild birds for to see

I met a man along the road and asked for charity     (2x)


Come home with me and take your fill and comfort you shall find

And tell me why you walk the road that leaves the hills behind     (2x)


Oh time has spent the summer, sir, and soon the leaves will fall

And I hear the change within the wind that plays around your walls    (2x)


For the bird must flee the winter, sir, she cannot stay behind

To build her nest upon the snow, nor can I look for mine     (2x)


But if I could have a hundred homes and dwell in each a while

I'd build them all along the coast from Sandwood down to Kyle   (2x)



Sandwood Down to Kyle is recorded on the album Dear To Our Island, on the cassette tape The February Tapes Vol I, and is in the songbook the january man