Sergei's Yupanqui Tune



Sergei Cherkassow escaped his native Bulgaria (at the second try) and lived next door to me in my Philadelphia winters.  The Khalmyks brought him to me, and for a couple of years, music and food were our common languages.  This is one of the tunes he taught me.  When he had learned enough "English" from me and my Khalmyk an Russian friends, he told me that the great Argentinian guitarist/singer/songwriter Atahualpa Yupanqui had played this tune at a concert in Bulgaria which Sergei had attended.

            This is Sergei's remembrance of the tune, which he worked out for two guitars.  He taught me both parts before he was killed in an auto accident.  The way Cindy and I play it is pretty improvisational. 

            The original tune (which Nick Apollonio found, by the way) is called La Andariega. It's a great tune too, but different.


C: nylon 6-string                                       GB: nylon 6-string



This tune is recorded on the album Neighbors