Velveteen Love Song

Words and Music:  Bob Franke


Through the eyes of love we become beautiful.  My daughter Christina taught me this song.  (AMM)


My coat is all tattered and word to shreds

my whiskers have wandered away

I picked up some dirt in some flower beds

I think that it's in there to stay

But deep in your eyes are a needle and thread

and a wonder that scrubs me so clean

I see in their mirror I'm beautiful

I pose and I laugh and I preen


My bottom's as stout as it's always been

maybe a little bit more

I never believed it was good for much

'cept keeping my ears off the floor

But then when you hold me and toss me high

I fly like the fleetest gazelle

And the joy that my dusty heart takes in your touch

is more than a rabbit can tell


My eyes are just buttons of two penny glass

they're either too brown or too green

One of them might not stay on too much longer

and there's plenty they've both never seen

But they see their way clear to a home in your heart

I live in the love that you feel

And there of all places a place of my own

where a velveteen rabbit is real



Velveteen Love Song is recorded on the album Harbors of Home