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this webpage is a work in progress... we hope to have all lyrics for Gordon Bok songs and songs on the Timberhead Music albums up soon...
Please note: we have seen these lyrics reproduced on other lyric websites erroneously giving Gordon credit for songs he recorded but
did not compose. We correctly credit other artists here and hope that you will take careful note of the true authors of these works.

"My lyrics often diverge from the original; I have reprinted the original lyrics whenever possible."     ~   Gordon

           Print out lyrics and liner notes for full albums or for individual songs for your personal use, such as to go along with your digital downloads of songs and albums. Please remember, this is all copyrighted material. Please contact us for written permission to record, reproduce, or publish these songs.
note: lyrics and liner notes for individual songs are usually one or two pages long; lyrics and liner notes for the full albums may be as many as twenty pages long.

                            Timberhead Albums                                                                          Individual Songs A to Z

Together Again for the First Time

Then and Now

Because You Asked

Other Eyes

In Concert



Dear To Our Island

In the Kind Land




Harbors of Home

Language of the Heart

A Phiuthrag's A Phiuthar
A Shearer's Lament/Waiting For the Rain
A Song For Angela
Against The Moon
All My Sailors
Along the Famine Road
Angelus, The
Apples in the Basket
Another Bay
Astoria Bar
Bachelor's Song
Ballad of Billy's Man, The
Bay of Fundy
Bay St. Mary/In the Cove
Beaches of Lukannon, The
Bird Rock, The
Black Furrow, The
Bless Ye Fair Maids
Blood on the Sails
Blue Mountain
Boat of Silver
The Boats of Peter's River, The
Bold Reynolds
Brandy Tree, The
Brean Lament
Bressay Lullaby, The
Bright Fine Gold
Broken Down Squatter
Candlelight Fisherman
Can Do, The
Cannery Shed (Stella)
Canso Straight
Cape Ann
Captive Water
Carmina Gadelica
Chall Eilibh
Changing Times
Clear Away in the Morning
Collage: Pretty
Connemara Cradle Song
Crossing the Water
Dancing at Whitsun
Dark Old Waters
Dear Old Vessels
Death Ship, The
Dillan Bay
Djiril's Hymn
Do Something
Donkey Engine
Easy and Slow
Faraway Tom
Farewell to Nova Scotia
Farthest Field
Fiddler Dance the Light Strathspey/Kirsteen
Fifteen Ships on Georges Bank
Frankie on the Sheepscot
From the Lambing to the Wool
Gift, The
Go East
Going On
Good Wish
Great Valley's Harvest
Harbors of Home
Hark Now
Harp Song of the Dane Women
Harvest Home
Hatu Khara Ols'n
Heading For Home
Hearth and Fire
Help Me To Raise 'Em
Herring Croon
Herring Croon - The Last Verse
Hie Awa
High Barbary
Hills of Isle au Haut, The
Homeward Bound
Ho Ro, The Wind and Snow
    aka Jericho
Huck Finn
Hush Song
If I Was a Dog
I'm a Rambler, I'm a Gambler
Isle au Haut Lullabye
Jack Hinks
Janko (Yanka)
Jenny in the Roadstead
Jeremy Brown and Jeannie Teal
Jim Clancy
Jock O'Hazeldean
Jock Stewart
Johnny Todd
Karl Edstrom and the Hesper
Kind Land, The
La Brigantine
Laird O Drum
Language of the Heart
Last Battle, The
Last Shift at the Crowns
Ledge-End of the Fiddler, The
Let The Lower Lights Be Burning
Little River
Liverpool Handy/I'ze the B'y
Liza Jane, The
Long Life to the Moon
Los Tres Panuelitos
Luz de la Luna
Maiden in Bird's Plumage, The
Maiden Hind, The
Marco Polo
McKeon's Coming
Merlin's Waltz
Mister, I Don't Mind
Morag/Carmina Gadelica
Mourning Dove
Mr. Eneos
Mrs. MacDonald's Lament
Mussels in the Corner
My Images Come
Net, The
Now I'm Easy
O Vento
Ocean Station Bravo
October Song
Oh I am Calling
Oh, No More
Old Fat Boat
Old Figurehead Carver, The
Old Man's Song
One for Winter/Colrain
One More Morning
Outside Track, The
Oystershell Road
Padstowe Chantey
Parting Glass, The
Patrick Spencer
Peace on Earth
Pearly (Little Red)
Peter Kagan and the Wind
Phiuthrag's A Phiuthar, A
Pigs Can See the Wind
Planxty Fanny Power
Plastic Container of Plonk
Play of the Lady Odivere
Poor Angus
Queer Bungo Bye
Rantin' Laddie
Recruited Collier, The
Right Said Fred
River Drive
Rosin the Beau
Round Our Skiff
Saben the Woodfitter
Sail, O Believer
Sailor's Carol
Sailor's Consolation
Sands of Dee, The
Sandwood Down to Kyle
Sarabande's Story
Schooner Ellenmore, The
Schooner Fred Dunbar
Sea Wife, The
Seal Djiril's Hymn
Seals, The
Shepherd's Call, The
Sherry's Song
Small Island
Song for the Bowdoin
Southern Cross
Spell to Bring Lost Creatures Home
Spirit Song of George's Bank
Stable Lad, The
Stephen Foster
    aka That Stephen Foster Song
Stone on Stone
Stormy Weather
Swell Me Net Full
Tak a Dram
That Quiet Place
The Angelus
The Net
The Old Bard Song
The Seals
Threeboot Philbrook's Lament
Tie Her Up
To Cyrano
Trochus Boats
Tune for November, A
Turning of the Year
Turning Toward the Morning
Under the Wind
Velveteen Love Song
Walter's Garden
Water Over Stone, A
Ways of Man, The
We Built This Old Ship
Weevily Wheat/Wheat In the Ear
Where the Cane Fires Burn
Willem Windcalling Blessing/Chant
Wiscasset Schooners
Woodworker's Litany
Wrecker's Prayer
Janko (Yanka)

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